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My commitment in providing a safe environment

 I'm so excited to be back in the salon and safety is my top priority. Below you will find my plan on maintaining a clean environment.

**A fully detailed safety plan available upon request.


Cleaning Schedule:

Before and after each appointment the salon will be cleaned and disinfected using Barbacide. A designated 15 minutes after each appointment will be for cleaning and disinfecting the salon. Each cleaning will be logged daily.


Covid-19 Testing: 

We will be tested every two weeks and will proudly share results. Feel free to ask.


Virtual Consultations: 

Prior to your appointment, we will be scheduling video calls to catch up and talk about your future appointment.


Face Shields

Some services will not allow for 6ft distancing. In those cases, the stylist will wear a face shield and a face mask.



During your virtual consultation, we will confirm all services that will be provided along with a total. An invoice will then be provided and we encourage pre-paying.

**Due to the health and safety requirements placed on our industry we have implemented a Sanitation fee of $2.00 to offset the additional expenses. 


One guest at a time:

This allows for maintaining a clean environment. I understand that this may cause longer wait times. I ask that you be patient with me in navigating through this new way of booking


Salon Amenities

Food and drinks will temporarily be unavailable. No outside food at this time. This is implemented to avoid removing your face masks.